My progress – LCHF

I will share my journey with you.. My weight loss with LCHF.

Before I started to focus on my health I weighed around 130 kilo. I had eating disorders shown in many ways. 

I have tried almost everything, diet soups, starving, vomiting, pills, plate model, training. Non of this things worked for me..

For a time ago I heard of LCHF.. and since I have tried almost everything else I thought I could try this thing as well.  I made this LCHF – diet- version that was suited for me. I wanted my weight loss to last so I had to be able to eat a cookie now and then.
I started reading a lot about LCHF and found out that this was the perfect thing for me.
At first it was really hard. And in the beginning I found out that I had a sugar addiction – So I had to say goodbye to sugar! It’s amazing how they manage to put sugar in everything. I also started to really put time in my cooking and I stopped eating potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, flour .. yeah,  I stopped eating gluten and ate vegetables instead.

This time I ate untill I felt satisfied and still lost weight. I even got more than that… My IBS disappeared, I got more and more energy, my cramps at night, disappeared and it now was a delight to poo instead of a nightmare. I can go on with much more… but I think it will bore you. The best thing of all was that I didn’t have to go hungry all the time, I actually felt full. 

I started to lose weight fast and that gave me a reason, a push to continue. I started measure my body to have something to compare with and I took some pictures of myself in my underwear. I don’t care so much about my weight, more about how I feel and how I look. How my clothes fits, where I can by my clothes and what I can wear. In the end my look definitely defines how I feel and it affects my self-esteem.

Its like if you put your panties on- that you usually wear only during your period, and on top of them you try to dress sexy. Do you feel sexy? I don’t.. I need sexy underwear to feel sexy.

I think that if I feel good on the inside.. I look good on the outside! 


Under progress

I went from 130 kilos- when i started my journey
to 88 kilos – before I got pregnant. 

My measures October 29 -2015
Arms: 34,5 cm
Waist: 96 cm
Belly: 115,5 cm
Bottom: 121 cm 
Thigh: 72 cm

My measures December 15 – 2015                                 
Arms: 32,5 cm  
Waist: 94 cm
Belly: 112,5 cm
Bottom: 119 cm 
Thigh: 70,5 cm

Something is happening =) Yeeey!!!

Gastric bypass

Be all of me or do a gastric bypass?

Since October 29-2015 I have tried to lose some weight AGAIN.

As you all know I had a child September 19-2015 and before that during my pregnancy I didn’t care so much about me.. more about our baby.

Before my pregnancy I started to try being more healthy and be able to move without pain every step of the way, wake with stomach pain and every other issue I lived with. 

I have trouble with my back so for a while I have tried to lose some weight and eat more healthy food.  

Some people I know have done this gastric bypass surgery. I have to confess that I dont know anyone who doesnt have had any trouble afterwards becouse of this surgery. And the greater amount of those people I know that have made this surgery, dont look very healthy… they look sick in my opinion. NOT EVERYONE, but many of them. Also I am against this operation becouse I do think that either way you MUST make a lifechange if you want to contain your health and weightloss. 


With gastric bypass you are forced to make a lifechange… I WANT to do a change in my life.. a change that will last. A change that I choose, and still I will be able to eat whatever I like (if I choose to), do whatever I like, have the energy to play and take care of my baby boy. I dont like to be forced to stop eating things I love or have to eat pills of vitamines and minerals for the rest of my life. 


So with that said… I started to make a change of my own. 

How I started to love

Johan showed me what love really means, what love really is about. I wasnt alone anymore. I wasnt the only one thinking that “this is how I want my relationship to be like”.2013-06-29 03.10.50

How Johan and I first met is a quite unexceptional story.. But still.. it´s the best thing that ever happened to me, even tho I felt really happy being single. 

Johan was my neighbor… he had a relationship at that point with another woman.
I could had never guessed in a million years, that things would turn out like they did.
Today I have him by my side and we have everything that I have ever wanted. 


Johan broke up with this woman and we started hanging out. The problem was that they lived together so I just had to face that they spent some time together trying to share their stuff and make a closure.. and I have always been very jealous so this wasnt an easy task for me. Still I couldn’t help just falling for this guy.. he was just so AMAZING. He made me so weak-kneed. I felt so safe with him.
I looked at my cellphone all the time just to see if he had sent me a message, (like if I wouldn’t have heard that)!
You know those teenagers..those annoying, giggly, walk on cloud, not a problem in the world, joyful, in love teenagers? Well, that was me in a adults body! 
I thought that I had experienced love before… but what I have felt before isn’t love.. This felling I felt now was.  

So if you are walking around in a life thinking: “this I can go through” then… I don’t personally think it´s love you are experiencing. I have been there myself.. thinking “Is this it? Is this all my life have to offer?” Well I am glad I didn’t settle with that.. 

Johan and I have been together since 2014.. and yes, we already live together. We already have a child. We already have big things planned for our lives. My philosophy of life is “I rather regret something I did, than regret what I didn’t do” and “If you are gonna invest, then go all in. Dedicate yourself to the things you set your mind to”. 

Dont think tho that Johan had it easy with me in the beginning. I really tested him. His trust, dedication, his reactions to things. I was my self at every point… all my good sides but ALSO I really showed him my- not so great sides – because those are the important once. Everyone can live with a persons good sides and those are the once you let a person see in the beginning of a relationship. But since I didn’t want a relationship at that point I did everything in reverse to what I had always done before. Instead of letting myself love at first sight I looked for his flaws… thinking “is this something I CAN and is WILLING to live with”?!   

The beginning of my parenthood

I have been given some comments on my post about my pregnancy so I thought… why not share my experiences, tips, questions and everything I learned on the way to parenthood. 

So that you can get some of my feelings and way of looking at things I will start by telling you some information of my life. Not my whole story but some information. If you have any questions… just ask =)


Before I meet my boyfriend Johan, I meet a lot of (excuse me) ass holes that called them self men.
I meet men that only wanted sex, money or another “mother”, someone who would “take care” of them. I wasnt happy.

I have lived a quite complicated life as a child so I think I was lost, I felt unloved, unwanted and unhappy. For many years I have worked on my feelings and my way of looking at things, trying to get perspective on life. In the end I have always had a feeling of missing something or someone in my life.
I have always wanted LOVE. Someone or something that loves me and that I could love in return.  

This feeling made me crazy, and since men didn’t respect me I started to abhor them. So I totally gave up and focused 100 percent at my self and what I wanted in life, what I needed to be happy WITHOUT A MAN. I started focusing on my career and worked my way up to be a deputy store manager. 

IMG_1596I also got a dog… A dog that I called Bella.
I always wanted children, but since I was giving up on that I gave her the name Bella.

I have always said that if I got a baby girl, I would call her Bella or Bella-Jane. This little creature was the love of my life. She followed me everywhere, and we did everything together. 

She was just an adorable dog with a great personality.I loved her to the moon and back, and she did the same with me.


With Bella I learned what it´s like to have someone depending on me. NOT the same like having a baby but there are some similarities. 

And there my little story begins. 

Smudgy Chocolate Cake with milkchocolate and hazelnuts

This chocolate cake is to die for.. 
It´s smudgy, chocolatey and just yummy.


200 g butter
300 g milk chocolate (or dark chocolate if you like)
2 dl sugar
3 eggs
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
1 dl cocoa
2 ½ dl flour
and hazelnuts for decoration

Do it like this:

Put your oven on 175°C
Melt the butter and mix in 100 gram of the milk chocolate.  Stir until the chocolate is melted.
Mix the eggs and sugar puffy.
Then pour the dry ingredients in the puffy egg and sugar mixture.
Make sure that the dry ingredients and the puffy batter is well mixed together.
Now add the butter and melted chocolate, w
hisk to a smooth batter.
Buttering a form and sprinkle with crumbs then pour with the batter. 
Put in the middle of your oven for about 15-20 minutes (depending on your oven).
Breed your hazelnuts rough while your cake is in the oven. 
Take your cake out of the oven and leave it to rest. When you take it out it´s gonna look like it needs to stay in the oven a bit longer (and if you don´t like it really smudgy you should let it) but I refer this cake really smudgy. While your cake is resting melt 200 g of milk chocolate and then pour over your cake and then sprinkle your hazelnuts over the cake. 

Leave the cake in your fridge until the next day.
Now you can enjoy your super delicious chocolate cake with some whipped cream. 

Johans Birthday

Now Johan is one year older.. 
I hope he had a good birthday and that he´s wishes came true. 

As the days just fly by I thought I would give you an update on what I´ve been up to. 

The day before Johans birthday I hade to make his birthday cake. That wasnt as easy as I thought it would be, since I have a baby boy to take care of in the middle of the cake-making… that was quite stressful I can tell you that. But the cake turned out okay… not great, but okay! I will make sure that my recipe will come up on my webpage shortly. 

For presents he got a gaming chair.. and he actually made a review on the chair on youtube.  He also got a calendar for 2016 with pictures of his family and some quotes that we looked up. And finally.. he got what every man wants… 😉 I wrapt myself up like a gift with Naughty Knot from Coolstuff!! 



Time for a long nice walk in the sun after my pregnancy

After my pregnancy it´s time to focus on my health!

I loooove the sun..  But I rarely see it here in Sweden. But today the sun is giving me a big smile from the sky so I am taking my family for a nice long walk.

DSC_0975I am so healthy now.
Since I became pregnant with Leo I haven´t been able to walk and move around as much as I did before. I had som much problems with morning sickness, herniation and symphysis that I had to stay at home from my work as a deputy store manager.


So now when I´m able to do whatever I did before I got pregnant, I really need to focus on being more healthy for both me and my sons sake. 



See you all later and have a great day! =)





Johans birthday is coming up soon

Johans birthday´s coming up!

In just 4 days my boyfriend turns 31. It´s amazing how fast the days go by..
Since I grew up as a Johovas Witness I can assure you that I´m not so great at this. I try but it seems as I just can’t get it right.. or maybe I have too much pressure on myself – as usual. 

Last year he turned 30 and I think it´s a BIG number. Last year did not turned out quite as I would have hoped, but we made something good of it anyway i think. One of my best friends bailed in the last second and I had to plan everything all over the same day as his birthday. 

My other best friend, Jasmine, really had my back tho… so we planned a cake for his birthday, and she baked it for me so that we would´nt spoil everything. 
Johan loves ferrero rocher. So we made a ferrero rocher cake with nutellacream, vanillacream and sponge cake.

It was really good!IMG_4389

Lets hope I can make a new even more delicious cake to surprise him with. If you have any suggestions for a delicious cake.. just let me know. You can leave a comment below – and of course I will make a new post of how to do it.

If you like you can give my man a Congratulation-wish. His birthday is 10 December. Visit his webpage!

Zucchini-pasta – LCHF

We all need fast, healthy and different recipes in our everyday life.

So instead of pasta – which is fast enough… there is something even faster you can
make: zucchinipasta!images

It tastes good, it´s fun and colourful (for the children), healthy, easy and it is really fast to do!
If you are a LCHF fan, this is a great option for you.

Just take a zucchini and wash it of real good. 
Start boiling some water, and add in some olive oil and salt. 

Take your washed zucchini and start slicing it with a cheese slicer, potato peeler or you can also use a shredder. I have borrowed some pictures down bellow so you can see how it´s done. 







If you have used a potato peeler or a cheese slicer and you want the pieces even smaller you can take a knife a just make them in whatever size you want them to be. Now just let them down in your boiling water for just a few seconds. Take them up from the water and serve while they are still warm. Couldn´t be more simple than that!



Mincemeat sauce – LCHF

A simple mincemeat sauce with pasta is always appreciated, and it´s a perfect dinner after a long day at work. It´s fast, simple and you just can´t fail it. This is my swedish version that fits my LCHF-life and my boyfriends ordinary-life like most of my recipes do!



500 g ground beef
2 onions
2-3 pieces of garlic (depending on their size)
500 g crushed tomatoes
2-3 dl cream
150 g mushrooms
½ dl ketchup
2 teaspoons Sambal Oelek
paprika powder
chili powder
some butter to fry in.


Combine ground beef, onion and garlic in a large saucepan and don´t forget the butter and olive oil. Cook and stir it all together until the meat is brown and vegetables are nice and tender. 
Season with salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika powder and cayenne. Try to mix the seasoning around.
Add the crushed tomatoes, cream, ketchup and sambal oelek and stir. 
Last but not least, the mushrooms, just drop them in and give it a last nice little stir around until they are warm aswell.IMG_1738

Serve with pasta.. like  spaghetti, tagliatelle or macaronies. Or why not zucchini or cabbage to make it LCHF or just more healthy. 
If you like you can tear some parmesan on top – that is delicious!